Monday, 26 January 2015

Homemade Hair Masks (...and a little life ranty thing.)

*Wordy post alert* If you're simply here for the hair mask/s, you should hop down to the bottomish of this post. Enjoy x
Hello Lovelies,
First of all I am so sorry. I cannot believe this is my first blog post of 2015 - how embarrassing. So around November last year (I can't believe I said that) my house turned into a sort of construction site. With extensions, knocking downs and all the rest of it I've hardly found time to blog and there would've been little joy in blogging with all the noise surrounding me, let alone the dust. I had to move out of my room and with moving came half my things being lost and I am still currently living in a mish mash of my family's belongings *sigh*. To put things into perspective, on boxing day I was seduced by the huge LUSH Christmas gift boxes (because let's be real, their Christmas stock is some of the best, and 50% off? uh yes please!) and I have still not yet used a single item. In short, My bathroom's a mess so why bother, it'll hardly be indulging. I feel like such a ranty person right now so let me get on to the hair masky bit of this post.
So the lack of pampering lately left me missing the good ol' days - yes, I have reached the point of delusion - where I used to treat myself to homemade nourishing hair masks. I used to (and probably still do) procrastinate by browsing 'tips for healthy hair', 'homemade hair masks' and other crazy things like that (yes guys, I live life on the edge...).
I've condensed what I've learned about hair masks into this post. Not only do they make my normally curly/frizzy gfdasyfrlui hair manageable, they're super easy and cheap to make, and you know what's going in them. They use kitchen ingredients so I promise you won't be inconvenienced.
So let's get cracking shall we...
Ingredients you can use:
Egg yolks 1-2 - practically an all rounder. Super packed with protein and makes your hair stronger, softer and silkier. Your own little 'moisture booster'
Bananas 1/2 to 1 - (make sure they're super smooth - puree them!) - also moisturises your hair and scalp leaving it soft soft soft.
Cinnamon 1tsp. - Stimulates hair growth and also may lighten your hair a tad. You'll be left with hair that smells gorgeous.
Yogurt 2-3 tbsp. - Good for dandruff and moisture in general.
Honey 1-2 tsp. - Gives a beautiful shine, encourages hair growth and has lightening properties.
Rosewater 1-2 tbsp. - antiseptic effect can help with dandruff, also stimulates growth.
Avocadoes 1/2 to 1 - my all time fave thing to use, make sure it's pureed. They're rich in vitamins such as B and E which helps with hair growth and damage repair. They leave your hair oh-so soft and moisturised.
Any oils which you'd use in your hair 2-3 tbsp. - e.g. Coconut, olive, almond, black seed, neem... these all have their individual beneficial properties so take your pick.
* Tip - fill a spray bottle with rose water and spray on your hair after a shower or whenever you feel like really.
How do you use them you ask?
... If you can and want to, you can whiz everything together to make a super smooth mask or you can just pick and choose which ingredients you want to use. But I do suggest you go for either the egg yolks or avocadoes in your mixture (as a base) because they're both pretty much all rounders. When I'm baking meringues or making tiramisu, the left over yolks are never thrown away - waste not want not right? You can adjust the thickness using more/less of the thicker ingredients like avocadoes and bananas and thinner ingredients such as the oils, rosewater etc.
Apply the mask to your hair using a comb and brush (if you have one, I just use my hands sometimes) and tie your hair up in a bun. If you feel really messy pop on a shower cap or wrap some cling film around your head (you are probably more food than human by now). For those of you that have long thick tresses or particularly dry hair it might be easier for you to apply the mask to dampened hair - use the rose water spray idea to do this if you wish. Leave the mask on for twenty minutes to an hour ,even two if you're feeling like a rebel and then just wash your hair as usual :) You can use these masks 2-3 times a month
These can be really fun and inexpensive to make and they feel more personalised to your hair's needs.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, leave comments down below about any special tips you use to take care of your hair or if you're just a hair snob like me, I'd love to read them. If you'd like me to do more posts like this e.g. for skincare etc. please do let me know below also, I'd be more than happy to do them.
Love lots,
Asiyalulu x
P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures, as I said before I haven't made a mask in ages (#ConstructionInYourHomeStruggles) but when I get a chance I will hopefully update this post with more visuals. Ta.