Monday, 27 October 2014

Completing my Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award - yay

Excuse the lack of fashion sense in these pictures - we were living a frugal life for a good four days (lol).

For those of you who may not know, the Duke of Edinburgh's award (DofE) is a programme for young people (like myself) aged 14-24 to take part in activities which lead to self development and just kind of get you off your couch and outside learning skills which will help you in life as a sort of memorable adventure as I'd like to say. I don't think I've really gripped the whole 'essence' of the programme in that little paragraph so I'll link their website here so you guys can check it out.

So earlier in the year I decided to take part in the award and thinking back I remember how much effort went into it - and I think that is exactly the point of the whole award. There's four sections to the award - volunteering, skills, physical and the expedition. I volunteered at a local primary school's after school club and it was amazing to be surrounded by the cutest children who were so enthusiastic about everything and it was such an 'aw' experience. I did indoor rowing for my physical section and learnt and achieved a GCSE in French as part of my skills - woohoo

The expedition in Wales involved camping for a few days and treks with a ton of weight on my back from carrying sleeping bags, tents, food, camper stoves you name it. It was an amazing experience and I really got to know people in my year group who I might not have spoken to otherwise. Being away from the whole urban lifestyle was refreshing and looking back on it I'm really glad I decided to go for it. I think the whole point of the award is to get you out there and have a great feeling of self accomplishment and you also get to discover more about yourself through your strengths and lack of materialistic things while completing the expedition.

Saturday, 25 October 2014


Feet in leaves (fully shoed haha)

My epic fail in carving a pumpy
The gingerbread latte that sadly didn't taste like gingerbread. hmpf :'(
and it didn't even come with a gingerbread man or cream! *narrows eyes suspiciously*
 I think there was a mix up.
UPDATE: It WAS a mix up - I was given a regular latte hmph.

Early evenings :)  umm...sorry about the blur

Caandlesss - how cute is this tea light holder

My favourite season is heeerrrreeee.
I am an absolute fan of Autumn - I know this post is (a tad) late because the season started a little while ago, buuuuut I always think it feels more autumny towards the end of October because of the whole fireworks night jazz and how everything is just buzzing Halloween. Not to mention the pavements are littered with golden toned leaves which just makes me want to take pictures of my feet in them (obviously fully shoed?) and to be absolutely cliché I feel all warm inside. To be perfectly honest the weather is not extreme yet (for Britain anyway) and so I'm not completely confined to my home and still get to experience the outside in all its beauty. I am aware that I probably sound a bit over- enthusiastic but that's okay. I love candles and it feels even more cosy to have them lit at this time of year with all the spiced festive scents on sale - what's your favourite seasonal scent?
Throughout this season I will also be updating this blog post with pictures (above) that are oh-so-autumn so you guys can see what makes me adore the season as well as letting me have a little memoir of autumn 2014 - and I'd love to know how you spend your Autumns so comment below.

Smiles with a slightly pink nose,
Asiyalulu xx

Monday, 13 October 2014

LUSH birthday series 1 - Rose Jam shower gel

Fresh from my 'Rosie' Lush gift box...rosy
And so my birthday series begins with this shower gel. Now first thing's first this smells completely and utterly of roses and Turkish delight, it's super pungent so if you're not a florally kinda girl then this isn't for you.
This is one product that you have to be in the mood to use. I can't use it every day because I'm not always up for flowers. Nonetheless, it is a cute little shower gel and you do smell good once you're dry. It lathers really well, which I need in a shower gel otherwise I don't feel like it's working.
It's packed full of goodies like argan oil, rose oil and Egyptian geranium oil which I can only guess is beneficial for your skin and often you find that shower gels dry your skin out and this one doesn't. So if you're a floral scent kind of girl or guy, you should totally go for this.
Asiyalulu xx