Sunday, 14 September 2014

Original Source - Vanilla and raspberry shower gel

I may be totally late...and many of you have probably tried this already, sorryyyy
This screamed at me to do a review. Literally. Original source shower gels were on promotion, so how could I resist? On a whim I picked this flavour (flavour?) to give it a try. I cannot fathom how good this smells. It reminds me of those strawberry milky ice lollies from when I was about five (even though it's reads raspberry?) and along with reminiscing about foods from my early childhood I really really want to eat it. Because it's Original Source, I can trust that it won't do anything funky to my skin - the back says 'packed with 100% natural fragrance' and its vegan too! As well as being vegan it isn't tested on animals and the packaging is recyclable (bonus!). It leaves my skin feeling super soft and I leave the shower surrounded by a gorgeous smelling fog - it'd hard to leave full stop.

p.s I still remember the promise I made to review all my Lush born day products, it will be soon (eek.)

Asiyalulu xx


Monday, 8 September 2014

Beaching around

I had a bunch of 'bloggy' posts on my tumblr so I thought I'd transfer them onto here so some of you guys could check them out.

Okay so beaches, as cliché as it might sound, are one of my favourite places to be. Born and bred in a city (woohoo London representing) I wasn't as exposed to as many 'natural' places as I would've like to have been so when I do find myself there I tend to have my moments of bliss. Around mid April this year I found myself in Swanage (on a field trip) and I have to say it was a beautiful visit - all coursework aside of course. The beach was gorgeous and I even awkwardly stumbled in between waves in pure happiness. A lot of people seek to escape the UK for a holiday, but that sometimes can't be a reality for all of us, so I do recommend finding beautiful places to visit within the UK because *gasp* there are actually nice places to visit here. And if you are living in some place exotic, you are super lucky.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

LUSH - Mint Julips lip scrub

I do love LUSH. The smell when you walk in - I know some people sat it gives them a headache but I love it. I don't get all my soaps, shower gels etc. from Lush because honestly I don't have the money to (who does?) but I do go there often to treat myself with one of their amazing bath bombs or to pick up favourites or one or two things that I want to try out...

Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Body Shop - Strawberry beautifying oil

Am I beautiful yet? :)
Hello lovelies, I know I haven't posted in ages sorryyy.
I do love the strawberry flavoured? scented products in The Body Shop because I feel their strawberry scent is unique and as close to an actual strawberry rather than the artificial scent of strawberry laces which you do tend to get with body products. However, I can't really say much about this oil other than it does to my skin what any other oil does (e.g. olive oil.) It leaves my skin soft, as it should but all in all it didn't amaze me. I didn't see any major differences in my skin and I wasn't miraculously transformed either. Wouldn't rave about this or frantically recommend it to everyone I know. Sorry The Body Shop! :'(

Asiyalulu x